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Feedback on Bucks Uni Foundation Degree in Dance Teaching?


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Apologies if this is double - my internet reset as I was posting :)


I am considering doing this course as it fits well with my lifestyle being part-time/distance learning and financially accessible as well as suitable for a mature student like me! I can top it up to a Master's after the two years has finished which also appeals.


I'd really appreciate any feedback on anyone who has done the course/knows someone who's done it/has any information on it, etc.


Namely (but not limited to)

  • Quality of content/course
  • How Blackboard the online portal is/works
  • What the workshops are like (minimal, think there are 6 across the whole two years)
  • What "part time" means in reality
  • What the assignments are like
  • Anything else you can add!


Thank you so much for your help!

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Hello. There is a good website called The Student Room that has lots of forums relating to tertiary,further and higher education , mainly in the UK. You could have a look on there and see if anyone has posted about it. Or you could start your own post. You`d be surprised how many people will see it, and it`s been known as a great way for people to make contact with students about to start the same course at the same institution,and for students to get to know one another before the course starts. Good luck.!

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I went for an interview there a few years ago and by the end of the day I no longer wanted the post as I realised what the course involved. It appeared, at least for the full time course, that each week there was a focus on a different dance genre. I don't know what the teacher course is like only that there appeared to be strong links with the ballroom/latin branch of the IDTA in terms of staffing etc

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