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Company Chameleon - Eden/Pictures we make

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I noticed that Company Chameleon are appearing at the Linbury in November in a double bill that I saw a couple of weeks ago.


Company Chameleon is based at The Lowry and the permanent members are Anthony Missen and Kevin Edward Turner.  For this double bill they are joined by two female dancers, including Gemma Nixon (ex-Rambert).


The evening starts with Nixon/Goddard's Eden, which is a total delight full of lyricism and musicality and with lots of moves you could imagine Jon Goddard dancing himself.  It really is beautifully danced.


After the interval we saw Pictures we make by Missen/Turner.  This is a more energetic confrontational style - are the couples arguing?


I enjoyed the evening as a whole but I would have preferred it if Eden had rounded the evening off.


It is definitely worth seeing this company.

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