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Giselle, Teatro dell'Opera'di Roma - 10.02.13

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I saw a beautiful performance of Giselle in Rome.  Particularly noteworthy was the grand pas de deux in Act II by Svetlana Zakharova (Giselle) and Friedmann Vogel (Albrecht).  Not to take anything away from Friedmann, but Svetlana was (and is) phenominal.  She has such long lines and fluid movements.  The way Svetlana's character showed her love for Albrecht and protected him from the Wilis literally brought a tear to my eye.  And I think the audience felt the same, as during the pas de deux the audience was absolutely silent and all eye were focused on the stage.  At the end of the pas de deux, the audience erupted into applause that didn't stop until the conducter realized that the applause would not stop until the music started again.

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