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Hi all!


First time creating a new topic here so I hope this is allowed - apologies in advance if not!


I usually sit in the Ampitheatre but am wanting to treat myself to a nicer seat for The Winter's Tale, a ballet which I've really wanted to see for a few years now. Ideally I would like to be as close as possible to see facial expressions while still being able to see most of the dancing on stage, as this will be my first time seeing the ballet. I don't mind standing, bench seats etc. but am only average height and have found when I sit at the side of the first few rows of the Ampitheatre my view is often obstructed by heads. My budget (again, ideally!) is £100, which rules out the majority of the stalls and front of the first few tiers.


Can any of you experienced ballet-goers recommend me a seat that might fit the bill? I'm aware I might be searching for the impossible here but any advice is much appreciated!


Thanks in advance!

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 A22, A23, A24 and A61, A62, A63 (all £99). in the Balcony. They say restricted but you only miss an insignificant tiny corner. Front row Amphitheatre A38 all the way to A78 are good views (£49 to £99 for this run) if you have opera glasses/binoculars to see facial expressions clearly. Balcony is closer thah Amphitheatre, but will be a little more to the side (not a huge amount) than £99 tickets in Amphitheatre.


Stalls Circle bench and tall stool/chair seats give quite a good view under £100 without need for opera glasses but if you have been blocked by tall people before I'm reluctant to recommend. The front rows for Stalls Circle are £120 so would be over your budget. 


So there are a number of options for that budget and good seats with very little or no restricted view but I would advise bringing opera glasses wherever you pick.

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