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Nude tights


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DD (for a prom, not a dance performance for once) needs to look as if her legs are bare, but wants to wear tights. Any recommendations for specific high street buys that do the job? I am thinking not ballet brands like Bloch etc, more M&S but there are so many I am confused. Any help greatly appreciated. 

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Brand ‘Aristoc’’  do excellent ‘barely there’ tights….found in Dept Stores or good independent underwear shops. They do many colours to match any skin tone & have nice shaped ankle that mean they fit slender ballet legs well! Think they also do a ‘Sandel Tight’ that has such minimal lines in knit they can be worn successfully with open toe footwear. I’ve seen 5,7 & 10 dernier - the lower the more ‘barely there’ (& more easily laddered) of course! 
Also Pretty Polly (though not seen these in a while??) 

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