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Casting for ROH Swan Lake DVD with Thiago Soares and Marianela Nunez

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Would someone who knows/owns this DVD please kindly comment on the cast members not listed on the back of the DVD?   I'm particularly looking to see who danced the pas de trois, whether there's one in both Act 1 and Act 3, and whether Yuhui Choe had a role (which role?) in this recording.    





Found this on ROH flicker--was this the pas the trois costume for this Swan Lake 2009 DVD?    The DVD back cover suggests 2009 Swan Lake is the Dowell version.



Thank you.






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9 hours ago, DVDfan said:

Hi, yes, that's the ladies' PDT costume in act one of Dowell's production of Swan Lake.

11 hours ago, greypuss said:

The pas de trois was danced by Laura Morera , Yuhui Choe and Steven McRae. There wasn't a pas de trois in act 3 in this version.


Thank you both very much !   Sorry I can't properly multi-quote but so grateful to you and all the knowledgeable fans on this forum.



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