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ROH Live at Lunch: various dates

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2 hours ago, annamk said:

Has anyone been to any of these performances and if so what did you see ? Did you have to arrive early to get a place ?


I think there have been a couple already - one was opera with a cast sheet on the website but no detail on the other. 




The  one I went to as several years ago (2021 I think) . Zenaida Yanowsky was coaching (can't remember who I'm afraid) followed by a discussion with her, Tierny Heap and a former RB dancer now counselor/mental health professional (again didn't get name) about mental health issues and dance careers (Yanosky - retirement and Heap - injury). Subject was announced on social media day before or day of event. It was excellent



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spelling - it was a long flight
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The ROH usually anounces what is on the next day on its Twitter feed (or X if you're Elon but to me it's still Twitter).


Experience an exciting programme of free lunchtime performances inspired by the heritage of the Royal Opera House and its operas and ballets. Artists from The Royal Opera, Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, The Royal Ballet and a range of guest artists perform in the newly opened-up spaces of the Royal Opera House.

Live at Lunch events are free. You will not be charged for attending. These recitals are not ticketed. Admittance is subject to capacity and seating is unreserved.


The one on 27th October 2023 has been announced well in advance as it is part of the Black History Month festival.


Island Movements tells the story of Windrush and explores its impact of this generation’s experiences of family, community and society. It aims to radically reimagine what Black British Ballet could be for a new generation: powerful, relevant and rooted in their experiences and culture.

This performance is choreographed by Darren Panton and Patrick Williams, with music by Kinetika Bloco.

This is a free event and it’s encouraged that people arrive early to secure a spot.












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I attended one as I was in London early for an evening show and decided to drop in.  There was a long queue, but I think we all got in.  I’d no idea what was on show (I’m not on X/Twitter) and was happy to see whatever.  It turned out to be a ballet session … short class for 4 Aud Jebsen dancers led by one of the ballet mistresses with KoH in attendance and hosting Q&A afterwards. 

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