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Dear Forum Members,


I hope this message finds you all well.  The moderators would like to once again remind everyone about reporting and contact procedures here on the forum.  


If you would like to report a post that you have concerns about or which seems to breach our Acceptable Use Policy, please click on the report button located within the three black dots at the top right of the text square.  Please do not contact any of the mods by private/direct message.  Doing this can lead to delays in action and/or response;  if the person to whom you sent the message is on holiday or unwell, they might not see it for a while.  Aside from this, it puts unnecessary pressure on the person getting messaged.  All mods see a report, and whoever can deal with it first does so.


Should you have a general comment or query, please email us via the contact us button (located at the bottom of the forum home page) where again we all see the communications and they will thus be dealt with much sooner than if you message one person.  


Your adherence to the above will be much appreciated.  One of the mods recently had a flurry of DMs when they weren't well and this put pressure on where it wasn't needed, so I hope to avoid this in future.  We are all volunteers and we all work together...we hope you will also work with us by ensuring that the report button and moderator email address are used properly.


With many thanks for your understanding and co-operation, I hope that we are all feeling a bit more positive and looking forward to the return of some kind of normal life...and lots of live ballet and dance.  


Best wishes,


Simonetta Dixon


BalletcoForum Committee

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