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Sisters Grimm launch new music and dance works

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This arrived in my inbox earlier (apologies for the formatting - I can't see how to edit it further):
2021 MBE-honoured Sisters Grimm launch new music and dance works!
Awarded MBEs in the 2021 New Year’s Honours List, former Royal Ballet ballerina Pietra Mello-Pittman and Grammy nominated composer Ella Spira (AKA Sisters Grimm) have received prestigious acclaim for their trailblazing, culturally diverse productions, including the international smash hit South African dance musical, INALA.
Their latest project unites artists from the UAE and Egypt, fusing Western and Middle Eastern cultures to create a suite of music and dance works filmed for online streaming, which have clocked up over 5 million views to date.
Sisters Grimm invite you to the sun-drenched landscapes and blue skies of the UAE and beyond, to enjoy a stunning feast of music and dance inspired by the natural and cultural wonders of the Middle East.
If you’ve enjoyed Sisters Grimm's work, please subscribe to their YouTube channel.
All songs are available to download on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.
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