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ABT live-streaming April 2021 tour performance for fee

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Great news. I was sent the following email by a good friend who subscribes to a dance series at the University of Minnesota, where ABT is set to tour its Don Q in April. One of the performances will be a livestream option for $25 a household. No details yet about casting or platform to be used (locked Youtube, Vimeo or other). 

The notification from the university:



So will other dance companies be touring/performing with video crews? Very exciting possibilities!

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Notification came from the university, not directly ABT
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p.s. I just purchased my “ticket” for this performance. No problems with my being from out of state (not in the university system). In fact, during the ordering and payment process, one of the pull-down menus was for country (USA one of many). At some point, I ticked “fulfillment delayed-mobile delivery” option...so some sort of mobile confirmation or code will come to allow our household to watch this. Receipt sent instantly to my email account. So I’m all set to enjoy a live complete Don Q from ABT eight months from now. On my calendar, so I don’t forget...ha ha! 🤪

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