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Press Release: Hong Kong based dance film LYING TOGETHER released for World Environment Day

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Photo credit: Corey Baker Dance



  • Filmed on location in the urban and rural green spaces of Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of China), Lying Together raises awareness of the vital role of nature in all our lives


Corey Baker Dance, run by award-winning choreographer/director Corey Baker, has created a new short film titled Lying Together.  The film will receive its world premiere screening through BBC’s Culture in Quarantine and in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) on UNEP’s YouTube Channel on World Environment Day, Friday 5th June from 6 am BST; it aims to raise awareness of the importance of biodiversity for our health and that of our planet.


Lying Together was filmed in rural and urban settings across Hong Kong, including breathtaking aerial footage of the dancers performing on the tops of the city’s highest skyscrapers. Chen Zhiyao, Amber Lewis, Li Jiabo, Ma Renjie, Forrest Rain Oliveros, along with other members of Hong Kong Ballet, perform Baker’s iconic quirky choreography with zesty musical accompaniment from acclaimed multi-instrumentalist FKJ.


Corey Baker Dance has an international reputation for creating a diverse array of work across film, TV and theatre, using unusual locations and reaching non-traditional theatre audiences.  Antarctica: The First Dance, was filmed on the icy continent celebrating Antarctica while we still have it. It was commissioned by The Space and Channel 4 Random Acts and featured Royal New Zealand Ballet dancer Madeleine Graham. Antarctica: The First Dance has been seen by over 5 million people around the globe to date. Corey is currently creating the new short film Swan Lake Bath Ballet for BBC/The Space, filmed in the (filled) baths of elite ballet dancers from around the world.


Spaghetti Junction, the companion film for Lying Together, also featuring Hong Kong Ballet dancer Forrest Rain Oliveros and two dancers from Birmingham Royal Ballet was filmed on location beneath Birmingham’s (in)famous motorway intersection. Spaghetti Junction was borm out of Baker’s larger programme of work to celebrate Chinese New Year 2020 and was released on BBC Culture in Quarantine to mark World Earth Day earlier this year.


Lying Together was created in partnership with Hong Kong Ballet as part of their Ballet in the City – HKB Goes Viral campaign. The film was supported by Arts Council England, Birmingham Hippodrome, West Midlands Growth Company, Southside BID, Tai Kwun, The Space and Hong Kong Tourism Board.


World Environment Day is the United Nations’s annual day to spotlight the importance of environmental action, and has been celebrated on 5th June since 1974. This year’s theme is biodiversity, accompanied by a campaign dubbed “Time #ForNature.”


Bruno Pozzi, UNEP’s Europe Director, explains: “Nature is behind our food, water, air, climate and medicine. We also know that being close to nature is good for our mental health. Yet biodiversity is under threat like never before. We must breathe life into our cities with more green buildings and spaces, and sustainable transport. This film and accompanying music sends out a powerful message to our eyes and ears let’s celebrate nature, and set our relationship with it on a new track”.


You can watch the world premiere screening of Lying Together at 6 am BST on Friday 5th June as part of World Environment Day  on BBC.CO.UK/ARTS or on the UNEP’s YouTube & website or on all Corey Baker Dance social media platforms




Alejandro Laguna, Information Officer, United Nations Environment Programme Europe Office: laguna@un.org, +41-229178537



Lying Together

credit list:


  • Director/Choreographer: Corey Baker
  • Producers:  Corey Baker and Anne Beresford 
  • Main Dancers:  Chen Zhiyao, Amber Lewis, Li Jiabo, Ma Renjie, Forrest Rain Oliveros, Hong Kong Ballet
  • Music: FKJ, Lying Together
  • Director of Photography: Derrick Fong
  • Editors: Sam Sneade and Travis Moore
  • Supported by: Hong Kong Ballet, Arts Council England, Birmingham Hippodrome, Southside BID, West Midlands Growth Company Ltd, The Space, Tai Kwun, Hong Kong Tourism Board
  • With thanks to: The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Rosewood Hong
  • Kong, Hysan Development Company Limited, West Kowloon Cultural District, Julie’s Bicycle, Holiday Inn Birmingham City Centre, Exile, Company 3


Production company Corey Baker Dance Ltd.



We couldn’t have made this project without our partners – and we’d really appreciate it if any mentions could include their details where possible. If it’s not possible, we understand.

But we’d really like to show our support to the people that made this happen.


Hong Kong Ballet

Instagram: @hongkongballet

Twitter: @HongKongBallet

Facebook: @hongkongballet


Arts Council England

Instagram: @acegrams

Twitter: @ace_national

Facebook: @artscouncilofengland


Birmingham Hippodrome

Instagram: @brumhippodrome

Twitter: @brumhippodrome

Facebook: @brumhippodrome


Southside BID

Instagram: @southsidebid

Twitter: @EnjoySouthside

Facebook: @BIDSouthside


West Midlands Growth Company Limited

Instagram: @WMGrowth

Twitter: @WMGrowth

Hong Kong Tourism Board

Instagram: @discoverHongKong   

Twitter: @discoverhk

Facebook: @DiscoveryHongKong





Instagram: @UNEP

Twitter: @UNEP

Facebook: @UNEP


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