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Is anyone else a bit depressed about the exam cancellations and the uncertainty of when they will resume? 
So many plans up in the air. It’s ok for me in the long term (if inconvenient and very disappointing), but I feel bad for those who will be moving on to college or university (or leaving for whatever reason) that now won’t get the opportunity to do their next level. 

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Are you talking about all exams - academic & dance & other’s?

The year 11 cohort of which I have experience with are so extremely disappointed (& stressed) about not having the usual ‘right of passage’ revising for, sitting the exams, the coming out & chat chat & emotion after, then the waiting & finally receiving results! They feel cheated out if a very important aspect if ‘maturing’ into adulthood. I hadn’t even thought about what else they might be missing in completing beyond GCSE’s...& for many year 11/13’s vocational exams be they in dance, music, plumbing or hairdressing could similarly of importance for their next educational or career steps...I presume all these will have been cancelled or moved to either an online assessment/exam or awards given graded by current tutors based on previous exams/work? The long term implications of so much is great & we have to hope that it does not hinder this cohorts opportunities in whichever field they are striving to compete in. Similarly the following ‘exam’ years who are getting very mixed educational opportunities it seems - both in provision & of course what can actually be achieved based on their home environments. We are sadly going to see higher inequality going into the near future.

To bring this specifically to ballet.... where many need say Intermediate ballet to commence a teacher training course but their exam was cancelled, will this be waived as an entry condition? 

Will we see a predominance if future vocational training places going to the lucky few such as those with ballet teaching parents & thus with access to ‘in the flesh’ teaching & possibly studios?  And a greater disparity between achievement levels of rich & poor (which we know sadly already prevails in most elite activities)? The wealthier families are more likely to have the chance to create home opportunities to dance providing space /specialist equipment/pay for online tutors etc (this will of course be similar in whichever the now missing activity is, be it sport/music whatever). 

Will schools/bodies/government remotely be able to identify any of this and support accordingly to try ensure equality? 

It makes me desperately sad to think on this....though at the same time we must remain positive for & hugely admiring of our youngsters thrown into this situation. 

They I am sure will be ever more resourceful & empathetic young adults as a result. 

Bravo to them! 

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