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Little Red and the Wolf

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A press conference for a new project by Polunin “The Red Riding Hood” to be performed at the new Zaryadye Hall in Moscow. Libretto by Ross Freddie Ray (studied at Royal Ballet School)

Red Riding Hood — Laura Fernandez Gromova (left Mariinsky Ballet to join this project)
The Wolf - Johan Kobborg
The Woodman - Sergei Polunin

The press conference is in Russian but some speak English: Ray on 8th, 33rd and 41st min. and Kobborg on 14th min.  https://www.facebook.com/presstass/videos/478163896161981/?redirect=false



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Rapturous applause from these performances at Zaryadye Hall, two on 29th December and the third today 30th December.  Another great show for team PoluninInk to tour.  


The Hall and Sergei himself allow recording, only requesting audience to turn the sound off their devices, so you can find many videos on social media.


Ross Freddie-Ray McCaw - graduate of RB School - deserves plaudits for his story telling and classical ballet choreography.  I hear the show is great, and not only from Polunin fans!



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