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Renaissance of the Romantic Era - Workshop at ROH with Maina Gielgud on 2 and 3 November


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On behalf of Maina Gielgud and the team of Coaching for Coaches we would like to formally invite you to participate in the two-day workshop on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd November which will be held in the Clore Studio of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London.


We believe it to be a wonderful opportunity to explore, enjoy and work on the art of the Romantic Ballet Era, using extracts from some of these legendary works.  The secrets of classical ballet’s different styles are hidden in the details. Maina Gielgud was taught them by her outstanding teachers, choreographers she worked with, and the experiences of her unique ballet career. She will generously share her knowledge and assist you in mastering the style, leaving you free  to bring your own individual artistry to it, while respecting the tradition.


Our workshop is an opportunity for professional female dancers and advanced students to be coached in this lovely style, while teachers, coaches and observers can add to their knowledge through watching and having  interactive discussion regarding its history, staging and execution.


With kind regards, 

Coaching for Coaches team    


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If I was a young professional or advanced student I would jump at this course sounds really interesting. What an opportunity!


I still have a memory of Maina Gielgud dancing in a Bejart piece at the Colisseum .....an extraordinary and powerful dancer. 




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