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For sale: Bolshoi Spartacus (10/08) & Don Q (16/08) Standing tickets

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Hi all,


I have the following tickets available for the Bolshoi’s visit to the ROH next month. They are:


- 10/08/19 at 19:30 - Spartacus. Level 3 Balcony 3E. Seat C-64 STANDING. Cost is £15


- 16/08/19 at 19:30 - Don Quixote. Level 1 Stalls Circle Standing (SCS) 1D. Seat D-51. Cost is £15. 


Both are e-tickets so I will be able to email them over. Any questions let me know. Thanks!!

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Have dm’d too in case still available thanks


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Don Q ticket taken. Spartacus one still available. 

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