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  1. Hi all, I have a spare e-ticket for the RB’s Sleeping Beauty on Saturday 23rd November, 7:30PM. Cast is currently Takada/McRae. Details: Level 1B, SCS, seat D10. Cost: £11 Ticket notes: standing, View obstructed by pillar. Any questions let me know. 🙂
  2. Hi all, I have the following tickets available for the Bolshoi’s visit to the ROH next month. They are: - 10/08/19 at 19:30 - Spartacus. Level 3 Balcony 3E. Seat C-64 STANDING. Cost is £15 - 16/08/19 at 19:30 - Don Quixote. Level 1 Stalls Circle Standing (SCS) 1D. Seat D-51. Cost is £15. Both are e-tickets so I will be able to email them over. Any questions let me know. Thanks!!
  3. Evening ticket now taken. My lower slips ticket for the matinee is still available.
  4. Hi all, On a a really bad run with tickets lately... it pains me to say I have the following tickets available for the RB Romeo & Juliet on the 1st June (matinee & evening): 1: 13:30, Naghdi/Ball cast. LEVEL 4 Lower Slips 4E, A-86. Restricted view. £21 2: 19:00, Osipova/Hallberg cast. LEVEL 1 Stalls Circle 1D, D-52. Standing. £11 Please let me know if you’re interested. Both are e-tickets so can be emailed over ASAP.
  5. Hi, Im selling my ticket for the Bolshoi’s Spartacus at the ROH on the 10th August 2019, 19:30. It’s the Vasiliev cast. Level 3 / Balcony / Door 3E / Seat C-64 Standing Position/Restricted View Cost is £15. It’s an e-ticket so I can send it via email. Any questions let me know!
  6. Hi all, I’m selling the following ticket for the Royal Ballet Romeo & Juliet performance on the 22nd May, 7:30PM (this Wednesday - cast is Osipova/Hallberg). The person I purchased the ticket for is no longer able to attend, sadly. Seat info: Level 5/Door 5E/Amphitheatre Upper Slips. Seat CC2. Restricted View/bench seat. Cost: £11 Its an e-ticket so I can send it over ASAP, or I will also be at the performance that evening. Any questions let me know!
  7. Hi all, I’m unfortunately having to sell my ticket for R&J. Details as follows: - Date/Time: 13/04/19 at 7PM - Seat: D26 SCS (standing), Door 1B - Price: £11 - Cast: Takada/McRae It’s an e-ticket so can be emailed across. Any questions let let me know 🙂
  8. Is anyone familiar with the venue (Queen Elizabeth Hall) & what the seats at the very back (i.e. the cheapest seats) are like view wise? Are they good value or not worth it?
  9. Know it’s still a while off, but as I’m not able to get to London on this date I’m selling my SCS ticket for the RBS/2 Pigeons bill. Info: Royal Ballet School / The Two Pigeons 12 February 2019, 7.30pm. Level 1 Stalls Circle (standing place) D-52. £6. This is is a paper ticket. I’m up in London on the 19th/20th January so could hand over then. Any questions let me know 🙂
  10. Rehearsal ticket has been taken. If anyone is interested in the evening performance ticket please let me know, otherwise I’ll be returning the ticket on Saturday.
  11. Hi all Due to unforeseen circumstances I am no longer able to use these tickets for the Patineurs triple bill. The ticket info: - 18/12/18, 11:30AM - Friends Rehearsal Stalls Circle C91, £4 (view obstructed by pillar/padded bench with back) - 18/12/18, 7:30PM - Amphitheatre C41, £19 (steep/narrow stairs/high view point) The rehearsal ticket is an e-ticket so can just be emailed over. The evening ticket is a physical one - I can hand this over in person in London on the 7/8th December. Any questions let me know.
  12. Can’t tell if it’s been mentioned on here yet, but ever since they changed the online booking time to 9am, with telephone bookings remaining at 10am, I’ve noticed a ‘second wave’ of tickets being released each time telephone general booking has opened. They tend to appear in chunks so I don’t think it’s just unpurchased tickets returning from baskets? Anyone else experienced this?
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