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Elmhurst uniform yr7


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Just now, Balletbabe said:

Well, it's funny you should say that, we've had the mds forms through today and from what I've read we won't qualify for uniform unless I've misunderstood it🤔 i might give it another read

Good news! You are covered for dance uniform, everyone on MDS gets the same allowance. It’s just low-income families that get help with the formal uniform. The formal uniform will run to about £100, although you should be able to pick up the pink t-shirt second hand. The skirt and blazer only changed this year though, so no second hand ones to be had yet. The big expense is the dance uniform, which they wear all day, every day, but we managed a full kit on the allowance and still have a (tiny) bit left 😄

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Brilliant! Thank you. This forum is so helpful I've had many sleepless nights just thinking about the future, praying  we'll be able to afford everything that dd will need. I'm sure it will be ok. Anything else you think I might need to know I'm all ears. Thanks again x


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