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Being examined in the opposite gender syllabus

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I know there have been several instances of transgender people (usually male to female) taking RAD exams and indeed the regulations state that candidates may take the exam according to whichever gender they identify with. 


However I wonder if anyone has heard of an exam being taken by a female dancing the male syllabus but not transgender and wearing female uniform?  Specifically vocational grades. 

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I did my intermediate foundation with a girl who did the male syllabus (and she got a good merit). She wanted to do the male variation so the RAD made her do the entire male syllabus - she had to do the male allegros rather than the girls pointe work. She still wore pink tights and soft blocks and just wore a different colour leotard to distinguish her from the other girls. She took her grade 4 in the same exam session and did the female syllabus for that. The examiner was definitely confused as though she'd never seen it happen before.


When enquiring my teacher was told that girls can enter as boys (or rather can enter to do the male syllabus) and vice versa. This tends to happen in the higher vocational grades when their pointework isn't up to scratch (i.e. when you have to get 4/10 in each section). I have considered this option on days I want to chuck my pointe shoes out the window.


I intend to do the male grade 8 examination while wearing my rep skirt - the boy's waltz is so much more me than the female one but I also love my floaty skirt.

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