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ISTD Ballet Awards


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I know there was a 'thread' to this on the old forum.. but does anyone have an experience of attending these? We are interested to know what the format is for the different grades during the actual sessions... do they take the format similar to a ballet exam.. i.e. bar, centre, etc... or is it more a mixture of the syllabus with free work added?


We are going along for the first time, so any help/guidance would be appreciated..


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My daughter did this competition a few years back and it is a lovely competition. The only problem with the finals being on the same day is if you are in one of the earlier groups it makes a very long day with a lot of hanging around - go prepared ;) there is a small eating facility there and seating though.


Enjoy it!

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It may have been me who started the thread on the old forum and like you Dancingdreams, it is our first time-we are only dancing grade 6 so that is the Saturday for us but staying over the night before because a 3 hour journey! Just wondered if you knew anything about the Stella Mann bursary-I think we are entered for the Imperial Award only -but didn't know if everyone was automatically entered for this or did you have to tick another box-I can't remember!



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