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How Pointe Shoes Are Made


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Thank you, it's fascinating and makes me feel much better about the considerable cost of buying pointe shoes for my DD when she was training. Given what is involved in making them, I think they are good value! She used to wear R-class shoes too. 

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On 26/02/2019 at 06:22, Lucinda said:

You might like this video from Freed 

My DD loves Freeds but unfortunately they're not available where she is at present :(


Thank you so much for sharing, @Lucinda! I myself started wearing Maker N back around 1990 when I was a student at the School of American Ballet. I recall going into the School's pointe shoe room on Wednesdays (the one day of the week it was available to us) and being fascinated by all the options - how lucky we were! When I became a professional, I continued to use Maker N until the end of my performing career, of course customizing it to my liking :) 

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