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2 Collections by Claudia Leotards For sale Adult S


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Looking to sell the following leotards:


Aurora in Artic night (navy) - Adult Small


Clara in Candycane (red) - Adult Small


Both of which are currently sold out on the official site. They are brand new with tags on. I tried them on and unfortunately they are a bit small for me, so going to try to see if anyone wants them in the UK before I send them back!


With customs and delivery it costed me about £65 each. Looking for £60 or best offer.

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Items currently on hold for a potential buyer, but do let me know if you're still interested incase it falls through!


2 hours ago, munchkin16 said:

I’m interested in these, what’s the sizing like compared to Capezio or Bloch?

I have 2 Capezio and a lot of  Bloch/Mirella, all in size S. I think the amount of fabric used is similar, but it's not as stretchy. I'm probably on bigger end of a small and these leotards fits me fine but when I lift my arms I can feel a pull. And due to that lack of stretch, it's also a bit tight on the bust area if you are on the more busty side 😅



1 hour ago, Kat09 said:

spiraboo ... if you would like medium size I have some unworn 

Oo... let me PM you :)

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