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Scholarship for summer school for boys


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Just came across this, a bit late for this year but they might do it every year.



The Ballet Summer School in Dresden is offering 2 weeks scholarship from 20 August - 1 September 2012 to young male dancers between 14 and 21 years old . The Summer workshop includes classical training, men’s class, pas de deux, William Forsythe workshop, jazz, Pilates. To apply please contact danceprogram@hotmail.com before 20 July 2012. www.balletsummerschool.de

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Amsterdam National Ballet Academy are accepting applications up to May 5th and although there is no mention of scholarships on the website they offered DS a full scholarship (which he sadly has had to turn down) so they clearly do have them. Application is pretty easy- only a few photos no need for audition DVDs....




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