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Found 15 results

  1. Is it possible to go en pointe as a male ballet dancer and do the same stuff that girls do? How long would it take to learn that?
  2. Hello, I have been lurking for a while, and learning lots from you all, so thank you in advance. DS (7) has sidled into the dance world almost without us knowing it, having started off loving drama, added musical theatre, and has then been asking to do more and more dancing to go alongside that. Having done tap and modern for a while he finally asked if he could stay on after his other classes to join in with the girls ballet, and go early to musical theatre to do a limbering/conditioning class. He has been the only boy in all his dance classes for the last year, which he has been fine with, but would clearly love to find some other boys to dance with. He is clearly conscious that some of his friends 'don't get it' - "I'll tell xxxx about dance class this week, but not xxxxxxx because he will be silly about it." We are up in Yorkshire, but his grandparents live near Tring and mentioned the Boys Kick Start programme there which he was beaming and bouncing about, but can't join for another year. Are there any 'experience' type days aimed at boys, or any other places dancing boys are lurking that we haven't found?! Don't mind a bit of travel for an occasional one off, but clearly a regular thing would need to be northern. He is not sufficiently experienced to be hurled into anything requiring knowledge or technique in any depth so many of the Boys Days of Dance would be a bit much for now. He's not about to give up because of the lack of boys, and he gets on fine with the girls, who are lovely, but it would be nice to reinforce that he is not alone! Anyone got a suggestion, or does he just go into 'dance zone' and ignore the social limitations?
  3. Hi everyone, My first post here, so my apologies if it's in the wrong section! I've recently finished university, entered the big wide world of work and would absolutely love to start ballet again; I went to a high school which offered RAD ballet and last took lessons around 5 years ago at grade 5. Whilst in University, I tried a few different classes in the town I was living- I tried a grade 6 class which was great, but being the only boy with girls a few years younger was a little awkward despite the teacher making me feel very welcome. I also tried an adult class which was a little too advanced, the teacher really belittled me and made me feel to be an inconvenience but the other students in the class really accepted my presence which was nice. Understandably I'm finding it a little daunting to start dancing properly again, but I feel that its almost a "now or never" scenario, as otherwise I'll continue to put it off and definitely regret it. I just feel that breaking past the taboo of males doing ballet is sometimes quite difficult when actually trying to find a suitable class. I've just relocated to Somerset/Wiltshire area, so would really appreciate it if somebody could point me in the right direction towards finding a good school or teacher that would be able to accommodate me! Plie_22
  4. Hey Guys (literally!), So after 7 years without wearing my tights, I've decided to make the jump and restart ballet classes! I'm based in Wales, UK. I went to my local dance shop to get a recommendation on a good school that would accept a beginner/intermediate males at my age and I spoke to the owner of the dance school this afternoon. She sounded really happy to have a boy asking to join her school, however she said that the best class for me would be grade 5-6 with a dozen 14-15 year old girls.....I keep having visions of it being like "Billy Elliott" where I walk into a studio with girls in tutu's all sneering at me! Understandably I feel very intimidated right now, but I want to start classes again so badly and there aren't many dance academies in this part of the world! I know this must seem like a very generic thread to see, but I'd love to hear some of your anecdotes about your first classes and how you coped with the nerves. I've got an awful feeling that I'm going to make an idiot of myself in my first class as I tried doing some of my old positions and really struggled! What would you suggest wearing to my first class? Most of my old dancewear still fits, I've got too much choice and the school owner was very vague on the phone. Over to you...and thanks very much! Al
  5. Has anyone's DC on the forum danced in this ? Just wondering what the experience is like ! I'm about to find out ........????
  6. Hello BalletcoForum users, I am a new member and this is my first post... I was hoping I could have some help! I am a male dancer aged 17 years and 11 months, and started ballet at the age of 15 years 3 months. Obviously I have started incredibly late for a career in classical ballet but have had indication from previous successes and teachers that I am not wasting my time. Here is what I have achieved in my short amount of training: Scholarship with the British Ballet Organisation Scholarship with the Yorkshire Ballet Scholarship Centre Acceptance into the Royal Ballet's Summer School '13 Offered a place on the Royal Ballet Senior Associates Course Now here is where my problem lies... I recently auditioned for all the major ballet schools (Royal, ENB, Elmhurst etc.) but have been rejected by all apart from Central where I have been placed on the waiting list. My situation with my current ballet teacher is incredibly bad, but I would not like to discuss it at present. I am looking for somewhere around Yorkshire (I am also willing to travel further afield if needed) that can provide me with intensive ballet training 5/6 days a week? It can be anything... private tuition, small ballet schools... anything! Obviously because of my age, I will be too old to audition for the likes of Royal, ENB for entry Sept. 2015. But that leaves schools like Central that can accommodate for older students. I am driven, passionate, incredibly devoted to my art and am willing to do whatever it takes to train with a good teacher(s). Thank you for taking the time out to read my post, and all replies are welcome! Danseur96
  7. My 9yr old has a JA on Tuesday - any hints and tips anyone can give me to 'help' him? He is very excited and a little bit nervous obviously I have explained to him to just do what he loves (and remember stretched feet haha) and let that love of ballet shine through - just enjoy the experience. Its many many many moons since I auditioned !
  8. Just came across this, a bit late for this year but they might do it every year. The Ballet Summer School in Dresden is offering 2 weeks scholarship from 20 August - 1 September 2012 to young male dancers between 14 and 21 years old . The Summer workshop includes classical training, men’s class, pas de deux, William Forsythe workshop, jazz, Pilates. To apply please contact danceprogram@hotmail.com before 20 July 2012. www.balletsummerschool.de
  9. Hello everyone. My name is James Anthony and I am the founder of the London Boys Ballet School. For many years i have felt here has been a lack of support and focussed training for boys and young men that wished to dance. We provide classes for boys aged 4-16 who can train with us alongside other male peers. Finally not the only boy in the ballet class :-) Please see our website for further information. Many thanks... Boys Dance Too! www.BoysBalletLondon.com
  10. Hi Was hoping someone might be able to recommend a good fun boys ballet class in London or Hertfordshire. My eldest son has just turned 9 and after doing street dance for a year wants to give ballet a go. He'd prefer a boys only class if possible. Any suggestions and/or advice very much appreciated Kate
  11. I thought I would post the details for this. The date has recently changed from the w/e of the 8th to the following w/e. Link to application form here. Boys do not have to be doing RAD ballet to take part. http://www.rad.org.uk/article_pink.asp?id=278&realCat=360 The event will take place on Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 December 2012, at Trinity Laban’s purpose built studios in South East London. Trinity Laban, our Boys Only! partner for a third year running, are a Centre for Advanced Training (CAT), an intensive training programme for young people aged 13-18 who have exceptional talent and potential in dance. Part of a national initiative funded by the Department for Education, the CAT aims to identify young people with exceptional talent and potential and provide them with the highest level of dance training regardless of their personal circumstances. As part of the CAT, Trinity Laban is committed to delivering an extensive outreach programme in order to identify potential in younger children and guide them towards appropriate dance training to nurture their potential and help prepare them to audition for the CAT if they wish. As such they are delighted to partner with the Royal Academy of Dance to produce Boys Only! The weekend in a nutshell The weekend is suitable for boys aged 8-18 years, from beginners through to more experienced dancers. Workshops in three different dance styles: Ballet, Street and Contemporary dance will be taught by experienced and inspirational male teachers from the Royal Academy of Dance and Trinity Laban. Students will be divided into three groups and work with boys of a similar age and level of experience, taking classes in all three styles over the two days. The weekend finale will provide an opportunity for all the students to perform what they have learnt to a supportive audience of parents and guardians. Ds has never done the London one, and I'm not sure we can make it. Has anyone done the London one before, and was it at Laban?
  12. London Children's Ballet (LCB) are running classes for boys (aged 9-16) on Sunday afternoons. The classes will be taught by Royal Ballet's Bennet Gartside. More information and application details here: http://londonchildrensballet.com/workshops%20-%20ballet%20for%20boys.htm
  13. I wanted to get DS something a bit more special than a leo and standard tights to dance in - for festivals and dress up days in classes etc , but no luck in finding a flouncy ballet shirt or any more colourful tights than grey or navy ! Will I have to resort to making one !! He is only the size of your average 10 year old ! Any suggestions - so far I've only fond one online in America !
  14. I booked a place for my son at boys only weekend in Eastleigh on 8-9th March. I've just received an email saying that he has a place but RAD didn't get the minimum number of applications yet to be able to run the workshop (oh no! Ive already paid for a hotel!) and they are asking all to invite dancing friends! So! Maybe there are other DS interested in going? It's for 8 till 18 years old, all levels, dancing in groups according to their experience. sat 9:15 till 5pm, sun till 3 or 4pm. All for £51.
  15. This may be of interest to some boys on here, the opportunity to be in Matthew Bourne's touring production of Lord of the Flies. They are looking for boys/men ages 10-25, who don't need to have dance experience.... http://www.new-adventures.net/productions/lord_of_the_flies/getinvolved
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