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YAGP hits town - Australia

DD Driver

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So the YAGP Masterclasses are on this weekend in Melbourne and Brisbane.  It will be interesting to see how the DCs find it.  Live videos were up today via facebook and give a good insight into the classes e.g.



YAGP registration and attendance can be expensive and, naturally, few get through to the Finals.  A Ballet Education wrote a good article about the costs and expectations one should be aware of when attending the NY Finals:



Many students we know attend just for the experience or to get admission into elite summer schools/intensives.  It is getting easier, however, to audition directly for these e.g. this year ENBS and Bolshoi offer auditions in Australia and you can send applications (usually with videos) to most big schools.

The RBS will not be attending YAGP this year - as discussed in an earlier thread, as they are increasing their own intensives and auditions:

Royal Ballet School holding more international auditions     


Happily, I'm finding that - as the years of this go by -  you do start slowly understanding what is on offer and pro's/con's for each.  The students ahead of your child provide valuable feedback on the schools and intensives that they have attended.  Some schools, for example, have very short teaching hours at their summer school.  That is not funny when you traveled so far to get there. I am learning what to avoid given limited funds! 

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