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Looking for adult classes in Kiev!

Sheila Beelam

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I’m lucky enough to find myself in Kiev at the end of August, with day times free....I’d like to take in some adult classes if possible - any recommendations for classes or anything else ballet related? (Kirov Opera House is a given!) Costume Museums, Dance shops maybe? 

Thank you! 

Sheila x

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How exciting! Can’t help you with classes in Kiev but if you’ve never visited Ukraine before I highly suggest learning the Cyrillic alphabet before you go. It will make your life much easier  😊

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Hi Sheila - I grew up in Kiev but haven't been back for a few years. I had a quick look online and found this but it's in Russian http://www.ballet-studio.com.ua/raspisanie-zanyatiy.html

It's a timetable for lessons for adults in the centre. There are quite a few others but it might be easier to narrow it down if I knew where you'll be staying (it's a big city 😀 Feel free to msg me if you need help. 

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