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Dance Umbrella 2012

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The detailed programme for Dance Umbrella 2012 is now available here: dates are from 5 to 14 October.






The format is different from previous years. (Their budget was cut back by the Arts Council). The venue is a theatre in the new St Martins School of Art premises at Kings Cross. The format is different too: there are three items each evening which you can buy individually, so you can drop in and see only one if that interests you or book for all of them. There are a number of Jonathan Burrows pieces.


This approach to programming is similar to that for the festival at Kings Place (14 - 16 Sept) which is very close by the St Martins venue - they programme a diverse range of short pieces, typically each 45 minutes a tme packed into 3 days. They offer a multibuy discount.


Link to the Kings Place listings here http://www.kingsplace.co.uk/festival


The Kings Place items are music rather than dance though there are a couple of (free!) Indian dance items.

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