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National Youth Ballet - junior final auditions


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Does anyone have any experience of the junior National Youth Ballet final audition process?

All the information that I've been able to find so far relates to the senior/main cast auditions.


My DD has got through to the final stages as a junior but it's the first time that she has ever done anything like this so I was wondering what she should expect in terms of the format for the day.


If anyone can shed any light on the process and what she can expect, we'd be very grateful.

Thank you.

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Last year we went in with them. They gave them a number and I walked my dd up the stairs in central to a waiting room then waved bye.  They did a normal ballet class and improvisation. Nothing tricky. At the end they photograph them in different groups. Yes, no's and waitlist maybe. You then pick them up at the time organised at the main entrance of central. Hope that helps x

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