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Thoughts on Spring (2018)

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I was at their rehearsal when Erico Montes and Celisa Diuana (along with cellist Naomi McLean) were putting the final touches to a small project they were doing, 'Thoughts on Spring' (and also as they filmed it initially). It was a privilege and an utter pleasure to see them work, and the piece they produced is elegant and charming. And its always great to see Celisa dancing! Here are some photos:



Dancer - Celisa Diuana, Cello - Naomi McLean
© Dave Morgan. 
Courtesy of Flickr



Celisa Diuana
© Dave Morgan. 
Courtesy of Flickr


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Set from zxDaveM - Thoughts on Spring (Erico Montes)
Courtesy of  Flickr


Film on YouTube:




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