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Reminder about For Sale/Wanted


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Don't forget everyone, that we've got a For Sale/Wanted section for dancewear etc - I'm only reminding you because I tend to forget to look there myself! I've also noticed some Elmhurst uniform for sale (and am about to post there myself on behalf of a friend) and I know there are some new Elmie parents on here.

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Some time ago i posted [somewhere on the forum,but can`t remember where!!] that i was looking for a pair of Rusbal pointe shoes,that were made in the Soviet era. I can now inform everyone that i am the proud owner of a pair,and in very good condition too,i might add. Someone in England was selling them last week on Ebay,and i noticed them really early in the morning,contacted the woman,and asked her if i could buy them now off her for £40 and she agreed.I`ve been looking for a pair to add to my pointe shoe collection for over two years,so i`m a happy bunny.!!!!

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