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Travelodge £12 sale (with caveat), £10 discount on rail fares


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Travelodge (http://www.travelodge.co.uk) has just started a sale of £12 rooms for Jan-March, 2013. (The sale officially starts at 6 a.m. UK time, and it's not yet mentioned on the Travelodge home page, But if you search for dates between Jan and March 2013, you should already see the discounted rooms.)


But - unfortunately, Travelodge is having serious financial problems, and plans to sell off some of their hotels and seriously alter their arrangements with other hotels etc... Before booking and deciding which type of card to use, you might want to check out:



NB: Another particularly good travel deal mentioned in today's monesavingexpert.com tip: This week's Sunday Telegraph (£2) will feature a code to receive a £10 discount on train tickets at www.redspottedhanky.com .There will apparently be only a limited number discounts - but they will be available not just to new redspottedhanky.com customers, but also to people who already registered and obtained a £10 signup discount in the past.



Yaffa (just passing on info - no ties to any of the above companies)

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