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Dance: Sampled @ The Lowry, 17th Feb

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This was my first time at one of the Sampled events and I'm so glad I could go this year, although I only went to the performance.


It was fairly chaotic trying to get into the car park and find a space.  When I mentioned this in passing at the box office the young lady told me that the Lowry had been buzzing with the events all day and the situation in the car park was a knock-on from the success of the day.  This is such good news.  


Looking at the events list there were tasters in Bangracise, Hip Hop, Salsa and more as well as films being shown.  The Lowry Dance Ambassadors were also in evidence when I arrived, doing impromptu movement sessions in the huge open spaces of the Lowry's foyer area.  There was a real atmosphere of expectation everywhere in the foyer.


There were 8 companies performing at the evening show:


Uchenna Dance

Nafisah Baba

Scottish Ballet (performing the gpdd from Nutcracker and a duet from Sibilo)


Jesús Carmona

Far From The Norm

Gandini Juggling


It was a very diverse and well put together selection of performances and I very much enjoyed the evening which was huge fun.  Greatest cheer of the night went to Jesús Carmona.  My personal favourites were Uchenna Dance and the very hilarious Gandini Juggling.


If this type of event gets people interested in dance - either participating or watching or both - then it is well worth it.  I came out entertained and enthused and I hope everyone else did to.

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