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RBS-Open Day photos


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Hi all,


I'm a new member, mum of two girls who love dancing. I find this forum really useful and very friendly indeed :-)



I was wondering if any of you or anyone you know happen to have the photographs of the latest Open Day of the RBS at White Lodge. My daughters took part in the first opening performance of the 17th Century dances as JAs. It was such a lovely performance and the costumes were amazing. I couldn't manage to take good photos as there were far too many people around, hoping that we could purchase them from those who seemed to be photographers with professional cameras, taking pictures constantly. Got in touch with BalletNews only to find out that they had some images of the children on their web site, who danced in the afternoon.


I'd be grateful if anyone could tell me how to get hold of those photos, as I've got nothing for my daughters to keep as a memory of that beautiful day.


Thank you in advance and good luck to all who are waiting for the results of their auditions..

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We have seen alot of photos of the open day it must have been on the old forum before this one. Have you tried googling for the photos, if there had been a professional company taking photos they may have put their details alongside the royal ballet open day. I may be inclined to contact the organiser at white lodge for photographers details. I am aware at dance comps professional photographers tend to have websites where the public can buy photos they have taken.


Good luck



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Thank you for your reply Amber21,


I did check all the web sites I know before putting the question on here, even got in touch with BalletNews as google only shows the photos from their web site. They emailed me back to say sorry as they only took the pictures of the second performance.(JAs were scheduled in the programme to dance twice and were split into two groups so each danced only once, my girls being in the 1st group.) Anyway, I might as well ask the school tomorrow. Thank you once again for your help.


best wishes, x

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