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Marcelo Gomes resigns from ABT (sexual misconduct)

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I am surprised this has not been posted before, but maybe it has been avoided as it may yield controversial posts. 

Marcelo Gomes has resigned from ABT due to an investigation into a event of alleged sexual misconduct by him 8 years ago. ABT have said that it has nothing to do with employees at ABT or relevant to his post at ABT.


There have been messages of support from Julie Kent and Diana Vishneva which are touching how well they know him. This support has been attacked by a few people in social media, as, in the absence of specifics of the case, no one k it’s what has happened, but that it must be a pretty serious allegation for him to resign.



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In happier news, Marcelo Gomes has been announced in the role of  Albrecht in the performance of Giselle at the Mariinsky on 18 March 2018, with Ekaterina Osmolkina in the title role. He also appears to have resumed posting on his Instagram and has some other work planned in the USA. Light at the end of the tunnel for him, no doubt..

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