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Michael Clark Company new work

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Over the final weekend of the London 2012 Festival Michael Clark Company will create a landmark dance event for Glasgow. The Barrowlands Project will mark the change in focus from London 2012 to Glasgow 2014.


Taking over the celebrated Glasgow Barrowlands, now a revered music venue and with a history as Glasgow’s premier dance hall, this performance project is specially created by Michael Clark. The Barrowlands Project features local people as performers in the choreography alongside the company dancers accentuating the communal dance experience.



Saturday 8 September - 8pm

Sunday 9 September - 3pm & 8pm


For more details see here. Tickets will be on sale from Monday 13th August from the Tramway Box Office - 0845 330 3501.




Following the Barrowlands Project Michael Clark Company will present a new double bill, choreographed to specially commissioned music. The production will continue Clark’s history of close collaboration with contemporary artists, designers and musicians and include lighting design from Charles Atlas, and costumes by Stevie Stewart.


Performances include Tramway, Glasgow 4-6 October and Barbican, London 17-27 October.


For more details and to book tickets for the Barbican see here.

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I grew up just outside Glasgow in the 40s and 50s, and went to school in the city, so this reminder of "Ra Barras" rings lots of bells. We moved to the other side of Scotland just before I might have gained access to the hallowed hall which, as I recall, sat above a street barrow market, hence the name.


So altogether now, to the tune of "Stranger in Paradise" and in the best Glaswegian accent you can muster: "Hold ma hand, Ah'm a virgin in Barraland ..." Somehow I doubt that will be part of the score for Michael Clark's piece.

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