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Dance physio suggestions?


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My daughter has struggled with her flexibility (specifically splits) for quite some time now, we've plodded along encouraging her and hoping it will just come naturally at some point but we are starting to question if there may be a medical reason.


She was having weekly private lessons last term to work just on her flexibility and her dance teachers are just as baffled, one of them has commented that DD does not feel stretches in a normal way, so for example if the stretch that is being done should be felt in her hamstrings she is feeling it somewhere completely different. Another one of her teachers has said a few times she thinks DD has normal hips but her quads are unbelievably tight and with any leg stretches her muscles are just so tight she's not making any progress.


My husband has just recently been diagnosed as hypermobile and whilst he was with the physio he mentioned how bendy I am (swaybacks, being able to bend my fingers back etc) and his physio said it can be hereditary so there is a very good chance DD is hypermobile. When she was born they thought she had hip dyslpasia (her hips would click/pop in and out) but an ultrasound at 6 weeks showed everything was fine. We went to see the GP about 2 years ago with the same concerns, limited flexibility/concerns from when she was born and the GP just moved her legs/hips around and said she was fine it just takes time to develop flexibility and some will never have much at all (not something an aspiring young dancer wants to hear).

So any suggestions on good dance physios? we are based in cambridgeshire but willing to travel a reasonable distance.

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  I'd recommend Lucy Haith, owner of The Body Conditioning Studio in Gamlingay, near Sandy, Cambridgeshire. Details all on her website and the number is 07957 288 759. She was the Royal Ballet company physio for a number of years. DD has been to her studio on a few occasions and found her to be excellent.

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Have a look at nidms.co.uk (National Institute for Dance Medicine and Science) your GP can refer or you can self refer.  There is a centre in London and also the QE in Birmingham. Linked with Uni of Wolverhampton and BRB specifically to treat dance injures and dance related issues.



aka Taximom

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