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  1. That's exactly the problem in the industry, you speak out about abuse or just unfair treatment and you end up ostracised, people call you a liar or say you're a hater or jealous etc, it makes it less and less likely for others to speak up. It's not just vocational schools/ballet schools, this is happening up and down the country from local dance schools up to the most prestigious establishments. From personal experience, I know of lots of kids who have suffered terribly but they won't speak out about it because they have seen the consequences of speaking out and it's easier to just quietly lea
  2. We have 3 types of tights in this house 1 - Brand new - oooh look how clean and pink and pretty they are 2 - Grinks (I love that term!) - washed a few times,but still decent 3 - The desperation - Aaah all the good ones are in the wash/need washing and we have to leave in 15 mins, which of the desperate pairs to go for, the one with the hole in the toe or the one with a ladder from ankle to thigh. Obviously most of the tights are a number 2 because I (or my husband) just chuck them in the washing machine with anything else pink. For a while I did hand wash them
  3. Oh you know how I feel about this Annaliesey, drives me mad that for so long you have had to try and juggle things, private lessons, plead your case and then other kids can say "oh but I have swimming that day" and just like that the class will change to a more suitable time for them. I know teachers can't base their timetable around just 1 or 2 kids (who am I kidding I've seen this happen so many times lol) but you think they would have a bit of a 3 tier priority system; 1st tier, High priority (really try and work around ) - CAT's, associates, credible youth dance/the
  4. I have been absolutely shocked by some of the things said in this thread about me personally, and of course it was locked for a while so I couldn't reply. Firstly my daughter is dancing because she wants to, I have no interest in dance whatsoever, I never have, I never danced as a child, nor wanted to, the only interest I have is to support my dd in something she loves. If she woke up tomorrow and said she never wanted to dance again and wanted to go into water polo, well I'd be researching water polo and how best to help her achieve her dream. If being involved in a supportive cap
  5. Sorry for my previous lengthy posts, I was trying to respond to each person individually, I'll try to keep this one brief. I think perhaps I have given the wrong impression that somehow my dd is an absolute emotional wreck on the verge of a mental breakdown, she's not, what I was saying is that the emotional/mental/physical abuse at the old school had a very big impact. So much so that in the new school all negative comments were re-affirming everything she'd been told at the old school. Right now dd is at a place mentally where a negative personal remark might drag up the past and
  6. Thank you all for your comments,advice and suggestions a lot for me to think about xx Colman - I am thinking more and more that this one teacher in particular just has a problem (what that is I'm not sure), going back several months when she was still receptive to private lessons during them she would say things about DD remembering to tuck her bum in because she's got quite a bottom on her compared to "X child". She would say things like that but in the same session that DD is the hardest working student she has, I don't know if she felt it was balancing the negative out but it re
  7. proballetdancer - She knows she doesn't have a typical ballet body and knows she has no chance of becoming a professional classical ballerina but I think what's happened is that being told regularly that she is not a ballet kid has put her off ballet, even if it's just as a good foundation for everything else. Maybe I'm wrong but I don't see the harm in encouraging anyone to pursue something they enjoy, encourage but be realistic. So don't make out someone is the next Misty Copeland when clearly they are not but you don't have to keep reminding them or discouraging them when they want to do th
  8. Hi, I'm looking for advice about my daughter (age 12.5) and how to help get her technique on track. She started (very) informal dance classes at age 7, the standard (looking back) was not very good at all it was more like fitness classes (the tap was okay as the teacher for that was actually ISTD qualified). We moved to a new dance school a couple of months before her 9th birthday, she started doing every class possible ballet, tap, modern, contemporary, lyrical, drama, hip hop,jazz.... everything she was allowed to, she couldn't get enough. She was in RAD grade 1 ballet, ISTD grade 1 tap, IST
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