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Help/Advice please for Russia/South Korea/Japan

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We are leaving the UK, on the first stage of a year travelling, in mid July and would very much welcome advice on seeing dance on our travels. It will be, in this hemisphere at least, the summer ballet gap, but we shall be in Moscow 17th to 21st July (and have booked Eifman) then Perm, Omsk, Ulaan Ade, Khabarovsk - with a final few days (5th to 8th August) in Vladivostok.


We shall then be in Seoul until 20th August before heading to Tokyo for two months.


The Russian and South Korean legs in particular are proving a challenge - does anyone have tips about dance, or culture generally - museums?, galleries?music venues? - that we should look out for? Any ideas, however apparently random, would be very gratefully received!


Thank you in advance!



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