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The Auto-Save feature

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Having just had the site swallow a laboriously-prepared posting when my browser had a "blip", I thought I'd draw people's attention to the Auto-Save feature, which shows at the bottom left of the posting field when you've been writing for a while. I've attempted to find it in the Help files, but haven't been able to. If you do lose everything you've typed, you should be able to get at least some of it back by clicking on the "Last auto saved" link. What I'm not sure about, though, is how often it's saved (my guess is only every 15 minutes, based on the experience I've just had and how much I lost - although it's just updated the time on this post by a couple of minutes, so I may be wrong), and whether it's possible to persuade the site to save it more often without actually clicking on "Post"?


Does anyone have any more information about it?

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This is a generic response to a generic problem - and what I always used to say on the old forum...


I would not advise anybody to compose text in a web site/browser text box, other then the odd rapid sentence.


Sooner or later the web, the browser, the site, will screw up and all your words will be lost.


The best solution is to compose text on your PC or Mac in a text editor or word-processor. And when done, and happy, then copy the words and paste into the web site text box concerned. If anything goes wrong, anywhere, then you have your local copy.


For the record I have a day file, called 'day-file.txt', permanently open from when I switch the PC on until it goes off and I use that for most writing and editing and usually only transfer words elsewhere when done. The file gets rather long and each 6 months I chop off the oldest stuff from the bottom. The file contains things from personal email text, to posts, to reviews, to reviews by others, action lists and goodness knows what else and I split up the different contents by pressing F5 which generates this text automatically as a separator:




The text file is also automatically set to back itself up every 2 minutes - so that's my maximum loss of work.


I've had this setup since the early 90's and it really does save pain. Needless to say this response was composed that way.

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Now that's a properly organised man! A neat solution. I entirely agree that composing a long and thoughtful message is not best done in the board's text editor, good though it is.


I don't think the auto-save thingy can be configured but in reply to a query about frequency of saving someone from IPS said he thought it was two minutes - this message just auto-saved after 4 minutes.

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