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There are the Prague Masterclasses headed up by Daria Klimentova which have been running for many years and have many principals/former principals and company directors as teachers: http://www.balletmasterclass.com  From what one can gather from young people who have attended and from teachers and photographers. this initiative has a really fine reputation.


A new entry this year is: http://www.pragueballetintensive.com    This has a similar faculty of teachers but appears to cater for young professionals as well as students.


Both websites contain a lot of information about what is offered.


Are you thinking of attending one of them stardancer?



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my DS attended Prague Masterclass last year. He stayed with DH (who had an apartment there as he was making a film in Prague) so I can't comment on the accommodation but in general the logistics and organisation of the course were exemplary.


I don't think his opinion of the masterclasses should be taken as relevant as he wasn't really in the correct headspace for it (he had applied when at a very different place career wise)- which is not to say he thought the teaching was bad, just that he didn't attend all the classes and wasn't very engaged with it (he was far more keen to be mucking around on the Roman army camp film set!!). 


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