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Ballet Teachers for Spain


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Hi I am a fully qualified IDTA and ISTD . Fellowship Ballet and Modern Jazz and Tap teacher I have a large school in West London . I also have an apartment near Malaga in Spain and I was thinking of training ballet students in the school holidays intensively to become ballet teachers .

so that they may work and teach in either Spain, Europe or England . I have managed and run intensive courses in England and Hungary and it has been very successful with 100 % pass rate. The feed back I recieved was that many pupils felt it was a much easier and quicker way to qualify rather than hopping back and fourth to England to be trained by an examiner in England .My courses are normally 3 weeks intensive in the summer then 1 week in October with a mock exam with constant internet support when I am not in the country then the exam is taken in December after spending a week with me over here or it is taken in April if more time is needed out in Spain.

Does anyone think their would be a need , want or interest ,  For this way or training in Malaga, Gibraltar, Costa Del Sol , Andulcia ?... 

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