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Handling links on the new software

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I've been puzzling over how to delete links in postings. There's a little icon on the toolbar to insert them but not one to delete. At last I’ve discovered how to do it. There’s no icon for that but the way (on the Mac) is to highlight the link, then press Cmd and right mouse click over it. This gives you a popup with options to Edit or Remove the link.


Perhaps someone could tell how to do it on other platforms.



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This all seems unnecessarily complicated!


While we're on the subject of links, John, when I hovered my cursor over the links on the reviews pages I would eventually get a label showing "External link", and then if I clicked on that link it would open a new window for the review, leaving the forum open.  This no longer seems to happen, so I actually leave the forum and move to the link, which is a nuisance.  Have you found out anything about this yet?

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