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Rad East of England Awards day


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Hi there

This is my first post :D 


My dd took part in these awards last year. It takes the form of a ballet class in front of an adjudicator (much like an audition). Children are split into groups according to grade. My dd was in the Grade 3-4 group. The parents can watch the class, then there's a short break and the awards are announced. They pick one winner and two (or maybe three) commendations based on technique, performance and musicality. They can win trophies/bursaries/vouchers etc.


It was initially a bit nerve-wracking for dd (she was one of the youngest and had only just started grade 3), but the teacher was so friendly and gave such a lovely class that she definitely enjoyed it. It was all quite gentle as competitions go. There was a mix of standards, I'd say. DD wasn't out of her depth, despite being new to grade 3.


Hope that's useful!

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