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IJAD Dance and Open Online Theatre premiere Walk into Space

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I have received the following notification.  It sounds fascinating and I am hoping to go.



December 5th sees the launch of our creative digital platform, Open Online Theatre at the world premiere of Walk into Space, an interactive, dynamic performance exploring the concept of gravity.


They shall takesplace at FACT, Liverpool on the following dates: December 5 and 6 January 23, 24, 25


Set against a backdrop of real-time views of space, via satellite telescope, Walk into Space turns the performance space, the dancers, and the audience into stars, planets and satellites.


The event also sees the launch of IJAD’s creative digital platform, Open Online Theatre. The brainchild of IJAD’s Artistic Director Joumana Mourad, Open Online Theatre brings together digital technology and sensography to revolutionise communication between artist and audience. It further builds on IJAD’s mission to put our audience at the heart of the creative process.


We would be delighted if you, as a great admirer of dance, would help us out. To do so, you can:


1) Follow us on Twitter and FB

2) Register on our new all-singing all dancing platform to be launched this week.

3) Take part in our tasks, for which there are prizes, including masterclasses with our Director Joumana Mourad

4) Watch and comment on the performance live

5) Watch your input shape the dance in real time.


Taking part in Walk into Space is an ideal way to get to know each other. Do tell us what you think.

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