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private/extra classes for auditions year 7


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Hi My dd was also a ja and last year the year 6 JA were invited to London during October half term. They undetook 2 days of lessons, mock auditions and talks to help them prepare mentally for the audition proccess. My own DD thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days which took place at Upper School in Covent Garden and she finished the 2 days feeling very excited and looking forward to the auditions - in fact she came away deciding to audition for White Lodge, Elmhurst and Tring. The also prepared in the JA class. My DD didn't have any extra classes or private lessons associated with auditioning. I just told my DD work hard, listen and enjoy your dancing and let everyone else see how much you enjoy it, getting offered a place is a bonus and if your good enough to get to the finals and aren't lucky enough to get a place you still have your current dance schoool where the teaching has got her where she is today, and if you don't get in keeping working to improve, keep loving dancing and maybe it will be your turn at a later date. Good luck also you make some lovely friends from all over the country so enjoy it.

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