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A Midsummer Night's Dream advice

Lisa O`Brien

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I've just been on the Grand Opera House Belfast's website and the Royal Shakespeare Company are coming 31 May till 4th June and are performing A Midsummer Night's Dream. While it is not my favourite Shakespeare play, because it is the RSC,who are fab, I thought I might treat myself [and hope I don't faint half way through like I did during Swan Lake !!]. I hardly ever ,sadly, get to go to the theatre, so i've a question. [Don't know if anyone will be able to help or not]. I was thinking of going to one of the Matinee performances ,so I don't have the added expense of having to stay overnight in Belfast. There are Matinees on Thursday and Saturday. The Thursday Matinee is cheaper than the Saturday one. Could this be,perish the thought, that it is a School's Matinee? Or if not specifically just for schools, that the Thursday matinee might be the show schools are taken to? I want to sit and enjoy it. I really don't like the notion of sitting for three hours or however long it is,surrounded by fidgety,silly, noisy,bored children. What do people think? On the GOH website it certainly doesn't specify any schools performance specifically. Are Thursday matinees usually full of children?

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Lisa you could phone and ask the box office if they are doing a reduced school ticket on the Thursday matinee to give you an idea. In England most schools I believe are on half term break that week. Personally I have found any performances I've been to, be they dance or drama, that have a large proportion of school pupils at no different to any other performance. A number of years ago the teachers/assistants on the ROH school matinees had to be reminded to sit amoung their charges as had a tendency to group together at the end of rows and chat!

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