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Ida Praetorius promoted to RDB Principal

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The Royal Danish Ballet's performance of Neumeier's Romeo and Juliet was transmitted live to cinemas all over Denmark last night, and during the curtain calls at the end Nikolaj Hubbe announced that the evening's Juliet, Ida Praetorius, was promoted to principal dancer.


She's run very quickly up the promotion ladder - about 2 years each in the 3 lower ranks - and it's been obvious for some time that this latest step must come very soon. She's had ecstatic reviews for her Juliet and it's a nice (and canny) move by Hubbe to make the announcement before the maximum possible audience - and with a poem he'd written specially, too.


Like others reading this, I'm sure, I can clearly remember the first time I saw Praetorius, as the little girl in Bournonville's Conservatoire during the 2005 Festival, and it's been a pleasure to watch her progress.

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