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Danza Contemporanea de Cuba

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I saw Danza Contemporanea de Cuba at the Lowry last night. Having missed the Lowry on their last tour, I was really looking forward to seeing them after rave reviews from friends.


The company were performing a triple bill. I will say from the outset that the dancers were fabulous.


The first piece was Itzik Galili's Sombrisa. The lighting was dark but effective and the dancers wore boxing gloves. Apart from the last few minutes, I am afraid that I was bored rigid. As the lady sitting next to me said, the whole time we were waiting for something to happen - but it just didn't. The boxing gloves made such partnering as there was look clumsy. The only effective section for me was at the end when the drum score finished and the dancers off stage were singing in Spanish about the white sheets hanging off the balconies in Havana. The lights brightened and we could see the dancers expressive faces and finally there was some lyrical choreography. This was all too brief.


The second piece was Kenneth Kvarnstrom's Carmen?! for seven male dancers. Apart from the music and some bull and torreador like movements, I've got no idea why it was called Carmen. It was insubstantial and mildly amusing and a waste of good dancers.


The final piece, George Cespedes' Mambo 3XXI, made the whole evening worthwhile! It was full of verve, style and the heat of Cuban nights. It gave the whole company the chance to show off and we finally saw their full talent and skill. It was lively, terrific and I and the rest of the audience loved it! A great end to the evening.


I am really glad I went to see this company but I wish they had been better served by the productions on offer.

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