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Advanced classes for Young Adults


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From another thread where classes for young adults are hard to find which reflects my experience for DD


In our area (Norfolk) our dance school has an advanced class on a Wednesday during the summer holidays, the next school over also had their advanced class on a Wednesday


The theatre school locally had it's advanced class (for street/contemporary) on a Wednesday, as did another school an hour away and a theatre school just an hour away and a further 2 schools in the city

weven allowing for schools preferring for their students to 'only' study at their own school (which is short sighted as most of the older advanced students will be doing associates or vocational school) it makes economic sense to me for them to get together and chose different days of the week so they could maximise their income.


DD went to a lovely course in September but she was the oldest by about 3 years - which was such a shame




TBH I'm not quite sure where I'm going with this thread but it suddenly struck me when I was reading the other one (sorry) and commenting there wouldn't have fitted

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