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Antony Gormley is known through this site for his collaborations with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Hofesh Schecter. I also know of him because of the Angel of the North (I nearly crashed my car the first time I saw it on my way to see BRB in Sunderland) and the Another Place installation on Crosby Beach.


I am so very fortunate to live close to Crosby Beach so I can go and see the Iron Men as often as I want. What I love about this installation is the way it is never the same each time you go. You can see them all when the tide is right out or see none of them when there is a particularly high tide. Over the years since the installation has been in place some of the figures are partially buried and some have part of the spikes showing. Some of them are decorated with clothing! They attract coach tours, photographers budding and experienced and many many dog walkers.


For the last couple of days we have been going to the beach by Hall Road Coastguard Station to watch the sun going down. It has been absolutely glorious. Just before Christmas I beat a hasty retreat because the wind-driven high tide looked as though it was going to come over the wall and sweep the cars away!


I've found this video, which seems the best of many on the internet:


It really is a wonderful experience to see this installation. There are three access points by public transport. All the stations are on the Liverpool-Southport line and the beach is a 10-15 minute walk from each. There are also access points for cars. My favourite is currently by the coastguard station at Hall Road where the car park directly overlooks the beach.


The Iron Men have their own twitter feed: @IronMenCrosby.


If you are in the North West do come and see the Iron Men!


(I would have posted this previously in the "not dance" forum).

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