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Ardani 25 Dance Gala at the Coliseum

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Next week we will see Ardani 25 Dance Gala at the Coliseum. Later it will be shown in Moscow and USA. The Russian-language newspaper “PulseUK” in London published an article about Natalia Osipova where the Ardani 25 Gala is mentioned:


“The project by Sergei Danilian for Natalia Osipova and Ivan Vasiliev shown in Moscow [and in London] last year will undergo changes: there will be more solo dancing than duets. The only remaining piece that Osipova and Vasiliev will dance together is "Facada" by Arthur Pita. This is the last piece in the program, a black comedy, where the abandoned bride kills with feeling,  sense and deliberation her bridegroom who fled from the wedding ceremony. 

The ballet for Ivan is being staged by one of the most gifted Russian choreographers Vladimir Varnava: he himself will be the jealous Salieri while Vasiliev will become the carefree Mozart. 

Natalia will dance a new abstract ballet by Alistair Marriott who is a dancer and choreographer with Covent Garden Theatre. Her partner will be a Principal Edward Watson with whom she often dances in London; there will be also a trio of coryphées - young artists from the Royal Ballet. 

[Osipova says:] "This piece lasts 25 minutes, and our duet takes about half of this time. I adore Edward, we understand each other's bodies: as soon as we start to move, we work on the same wavelength. "



However, we will not see “the jealous Salieri and carefree Mozart” at the Coliseum. For London Danilian planned “Tristesse” with Marcelo Gomes, Denis Matvienko, Joaquín De Luz and Friedemann Vogel.

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